FREE GIFT! Aluminum Thermo Flask (Worth 99 NIS)

20L Capacity not including pockets

- Unique breathable mesh padded Back & Moisture wicking

- Wide back straps that ease the load on your back

- A mesh fabric pocket for quick identification of accessoris

- Internal, fast and secure key / pacifier connection

- Ideal internal cell division

- Thermal cell for maintaining temperature (heat or cold)

- Strong and durable zippers over time

- 100% polyester with PVC coating, stain and water repellent. Can be cleaned with a wet wipe.

- Includes upgraded changing mat! Thick and large dimensions for comfort in the toddler's operation

- 4 ways of carrying:

* Central shoulder strap

* 2 wide back straps

* gripping handle

* 2 straps for attaching to a baby stroller. Connection in two ways

Stylie 20L Diaper Bag

Color Option