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REEF - Water Shoes Dolphin

REEF - Water Shoes Dolphin

89.00 ₪מחיר

Reef water shoes are designed for walking and staying in water sourses freely, like lakes, streams, seas and any other bodies of water. 


New technology human engineering was incorporated into our water shoes to ensure they feature high-quality, strong, durable, flexible, and lightweight materials, allowing feet to fit comfortably inside the shoes, as well as uniqe fabric components to keep them warm.

The uniqe colorful pattern on the rubber soles showcases the build-in pressure points of the shoe. This feture  contributes to healthy bloud flow to the foot.


So, whether you are surfing at Tel Aviv beaches, scuba-diving in the Red sea or just floating around and enjoying the Dead sea, our Reef water shoes have you covered!


Can be used for additional purposes: dancing, exercise, mounteneering,

lounging around the house, and more. 


אפשרות צבע: light blue
  • Tech Specs

    Shoe made of 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex. 

    Sole made of 100% Rubber. 

    Barcode: 7290004829315


    Wallabe offers a warrenty against material or manufacturing defects, subject to reasonable use of the shoes and based on the date of purchase. 

* לקוח יקר, שימו לב - עשויה להיות סטייה של עד 15% בצבע של המוצרים. בנוסף, תיתכן סטיית צבע בין מסכים שונים מהצבעים המקוריים בפועל. למידע נוסף אנא צרו איתנו קשר: [email protected]

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